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Chiropractic has proven to be beneficial for those who suffer from bedwetting problems. Chiropractic does not treat bedwetting, but it focuses on removing interference to the nerve system which has been associated with bedwetting problems. Bedwetting is not considered a problem until the child reaches at least five years old. It is when they involuntarily wet the bed after this. It is commonly known as nocturnal enuresis in the medical world.

It can be very embarrassing for the child as they often have to miss out on sleep overs or even have to wear a diaper in some cases. They often have to put plastic sheets on their bed. There are special alarms that are designed to go off when the child starts to urinate at night. This can be exhausting for the child and parents when they have to continually get up in the middle of the night.

It is normal for children to not have control of their bladder before the age of five. If this continues to occur after the age of six, it could mean that there are underlying problems. It may be the result of irritation to nerves or malfunction of the nervous system. Chiropractic specializes in removing interference to the nervous system which is often caused by misaligned spinal bones. The nervous system or nerves control every other system and organ in the body including the bladder.

There are two muscles that are involved in controlling the bladder. They control how the bladder is emptied. These are the trigone and detrusor muscles. There are nerves that control these muscles. These nerves exit out of the lumbar spine or low back and from the sacrum which is part of the pelvis. It is a triangular bone at the base of the spine. These bones can become misplaced to irritate the nerves that control the muscles of the bladder. These bones get misplaced from children having falls or trauma such as when riding a bike.

Chiropractors are specially trained to detect misaligned bones in the spine and pelvis. They will ask questions and discuss the child’s bedwetting history to help rule out other problems. They may have the child referred to their doctor or have a urinalysis performed to rule out infection or other possible causes.

Chiropractors may also take X-rays to confirm misaligned bones in the spine and pelvis. They can perform specific thrusts or adjustments to correct the misaligned bones. These adjustments are safe and natural. Many children have had great success in seeing a chiropractor for bedwetting problems.

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